Which Kent SEO firm is right of you?

February 12, 2016

Deciding which search marketer is the best fit for your business

Every type of business that is online needs a relative level of search engine exposure. Whether small or large, each organisation will have differing aspirations in terms of the scale, type and reach they require to maintain a level of success.

A small local business for example has no need to be found on global searches when all that’s required is a solid level of local search prominence through authority citations and high quality directories. Large companies on the other hand, need a far wider footprint and thus, demand a strategy that encompasses a wide range of marketing channels to ensure brand awareness and product offering is at the forefront of searches around the globe. Possibly in multiple languages too.

Reviewing Google Analytics Data on Laptop

Unsurprisingly, budgetary requirements between these two sizes of business will be hugely polarised so the type of SEO agency they can approach for help will also differ accordingly. A smaller, local business in the county of Kent for example, would be extremely unwise to get delusions of grandeur and approach a large international advertising agency; not unless they have desires to empty the coffers fast and go broke!

It’s horses for courses as the expression says so if you have a local need, then speak to a localised specialist. Kent is packed full of search marketing agencies yet their approach and statuses differ quite dramatically from town to town. Some agencies boast of large corporate clientele that is great for their egos, but if you run a small humble business, you do not need to be paying the higher rates that the big boys are used to. You can get just as good results with a Kent SEO Firm that specialises in local and national search for small enterprises and offers an affordable solution to a very common problem. Getting found on Google’s local searches!

Believe it or not, but specialist search engine optimisation firms for small business is becoming ever popular. It’s a common misconception in the internet industry that the big pay days can only be found if you acquire larger clients. But is that really true?

The lifeblood of the UK economy is in small business, not big business and the stats back that up. An agency that focuses on just a handful of larger international blue chips is taking a much greater risk in the sense that the majority of their turnoff is sourced from just a few income streams. Nothing worse than having all your eggs in one basket!

A SEO agency that has a wide ranging clientele of SME’s and local businesses will have multiple income streams and also have a far greater level of experience in working with differing type of businesses all across multiple industry sectors. With that in mind, they would appear to be a far more stable business that is less likely to be there one day and disappear the next because they’re looking after so many clients, they’re a far safer bet financially.

So if you run a small business in Kent, it’s not bad to think small in terms of your marketing partner. Sometimes self-importance can influence us as business people to make strange decisions that are not based on pragmatic, practical thinking but is in fact, just puerile ego massaging to satisfy our unrealistic ambitions, rather than thinking which firm will deliver the best results for me at this exact moment in time. Don’t get sucked into that way of thinking.

If you run a business that needs local exposure, it’s perfectly acceptable to think locally in finding an internet marketing partner. Big is not always necessarily better so head out to some meetings, get to know some search marketers in your town or city and start supporting local business. It’s win-win all round.

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