IPTV Box UK: Watch Interactive British TV Channels

October 7, 2015

Today, IPTV has certainly changed the way of TV viewing all over the world. Do you remember those days when you had a limited number of channels to watch and that you were never able to watch your favorite TV channels that were broadcasted abroad? IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) has enabled users to get interactive with TV viewing and get away from the traditional way of television viewing.

Today, in this modern age of technology, things are changing fast and more people are now enjoying TV on the go on their mobile phones and tablets. This is thanks to the IPTV that has brought TV closer to the viewers through synchronization of broadband and satellite communication services.

Basically IPTV works over your broadband network through a set-top box. One can easily connect the IPTV set top box with the high bandwidth broadband connection and immediately start watching all international television channels. It depends on the individual how much he or she wants to pay to subscribe for an array of international channels from UK, US, Australia, and Asia. One only needs to have a good internet connection, and an IPTV set top box and just start watching all his favorite TV shows anywhere.

What is the EPG feature in IPTV?

EPG is one of the latest additions in the broad list of features of the IPTV Box UK. The Electronic Program Guide, which is commonly referred as the EPG, is an integrated channel feature that enables users to browse, view and select the content of their choice on-the-fly. Just like users browse a website, they can browse EPG with an easy navigation system. Viewers will be able to watch the past two week programme schedules and the upcoming week’s programme schedules. Not only this, they can even view the upcoming TV shows in advance and watch the past TV shows that they might have missed watching.

All this has been made possible with the interactive feature on EPG. This feature also allows the user to customize the EPG with his or her own preferences. They can set their favorite content and select keywords for watching their favorite content, which means when searching for any programme they don’t need to spend ages looking around the EPG menu. In fact they can directly switch to their favorite shows.

These users can interact with EPG through the use of the MAG 250 infrared remote control, which comes shipped as standard along with the box. They can use the EPG feature to listen to their favorite music anytime or to hear their favorite radio station.

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