How to upgrade an old kitchen with quartz worktop overlays

July 21, 2017

Transform your kitchen with a cost-effective worktop solution

Kitchen counters are subjected to a great deal of accidents and misuse.

Be it various spills and stains from wine, juices, and sauces, as well as heat from pots and pans and countless scratches made with knives or other kitchen utensils and tools.

Iit is normal for kitchen counters to end up looking rather shabby and worse for wear after some years.

Despite regular cleaning, some problems may still remain, and the only solution would be to install a new counter.

The good thing is that there is no need to replace the whole kitchen just to have a new kitchen counter.

All you need to do is install quartz worktop overlays and you would have managed to get rid of defects as well as benefit from the advantages of quartz and its beautiful modern look.

As the name itself implies, overlays are basically laid over the existing countertop, and so there is no need to remove it either.

Thus it is a mess free and relatively quick process.

This is what makes quartz worktop overlays a very popular route to spectacular kitchen transformations.

There are many professional companies who will be able to offer this service.

A company representative will come over to your house so as to check the kitchen countertop dimensions and layout.

Cardboard templates will generally be made of the existing worktops.

Based on these measurements a quote will be provided and so you will be able to know a rough estimate of the cost of installing countertop overlays.

Quartz is a durable and hardwearing material and it is also easy to maintain.

Since it is a non-porous material, there is the additional benefit that it can easily withstand staining, and thus that is why it is ideal as a kitchen countertop.

In fact it is considered to be much more resistant to stains to other materials used for kitchen countertops such as marble and granite.

Besides, it will not harbour bacteria, and is thus very hygienic.

Typical bacteria found on porous kitchen countertops. Image credit: Skeptic North

Once the quartz counter overlays are made to measure for your kitchen, then it is all about installing them.

Being overlays you would not have to worry about removing the old countertops as these will be basically laid over them.

In the area where there is the hob, you would need to have a fitter take care of the disconnection and subsequent reconnection of the hob.

The quartz counter overlays will be simply glued into place by the fitters.

A seamless result will be aimed for and in most cases with quartz it is possible.

In no time you will be able to upgrade your kitchen with new quartz worktop overlays.

The cost is quite affordable when compared to how much it would cost to sell up and hire a removals company, or install a brand new kitchen to make things better.

A kitchen upgrade project is relatively quick to complete and mess free too.

Old countertops are generally responsible for making your kitchen look somewhat shabby.

So with quartz worktop overlays installed onto the current countertops you will be able to get the new look you wanted while also getting rid of the defects that had emerged on the old countertops.

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