Exhibition stand ideas for beginners

August 16, 2018

If you are new to exhibition booth marketing or are a seasoned veteran of these shows you may have some questions on what the best ideas are when it comes to exhibition design and build strategies to maximise your marketing efforts. This article will share with you 5 different ideas to use when you are creating your booth. Follow the suggestions below to maximise your branding and marketing impact at the next convention your organisation attends.


This is a new trend that works very well. Including such things as games and contests at your exhibition stand can help stimulate attendees and get them interested in your brand. By using gamification you can encourage people to visit your booth, which will naturally lead to conversation, gaining contact information, engaging attendees and creating a memorable experience. You could even generate direct business contacts and sales using this method so try it.


This is a great strategy that has worked for a very long time and will continue to do so. You can offer competitions in the form of people giving you their contact information in exchange for a prize or reward like a dinner for two at a restaurant. When people are encouraged to join a contest you can speak with them, they will have more engagement with your stand and will remember you and your brand that much more.

Photo Booths

Using this strategy brings a more fun and dynamic atmosphere to your booth. Choosing the best exhibition design and build is integral and adding a photo booth can be a great viral marketing technique. You can invite people to have their photo taken and ask them to add a caption that relates to your brand. You can go further and ask attendees for permission to tag their photos on social media giving you further exposure online.

Q&A Sessions

By choosing to host a question and answer session at your booth or even using an infomercial can maximise your time at the show. You can do an information session two to three times a day. It is a good idea to make them informative, educational, fun and memorable while referencing your brand and products. Have people give you their business cards or contact information after the show or even offer them discount coupons on products or services.

Utilise a workplace or relaxation station

Trade shows are incredibly busy and have a tendency to drain the energy of attendees. You can incorporate a relaxation area at your booth or even a work area where people can plug in their smartphones, computers and other devices to get things done. By offering a workstation or place to relax people will naturally go to your booth which can lead to conversation and engagement with leads and customers.

Maximise your results at the next trade show

When you follow these strategies as mentioned above you will have better success. These are proven methods that are employed by many organisations and you can benefit from them too when used.

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