Cheap Reading Glasses: Try Before You Buy Online

August 15, 2015

As a single Mom, every little saving counts and having recently entered my mid-forties, I’ve really noticed a change in my vision that would cost me a lot if I didn’t do something about it and quickly. With four young children, I read to them every night until they fall asleep. It’s a pleasure that I still thoroughly enjoy to this very day however, recently it’s gotten a lot harder and I knew something has changed and changed for the worse.

When my first two children were really young, reading was a piece of cake. I’d ask them to choose a book, we’d get all the pillows nicely placed so that they can lay comfortably whilst I sat back against the bed and started to read their bedtime stories. I loved it and I still do now. But recently, the words just aren’t as clear anymore.

At first, I thought it was because we changed lamps. These new energy saving bulbs just aren’t as bright or as luminous as the good old fashioned ones. So I started to use a torch to help but it made no difference. The words were still hard to focus on and I found myself holding their storybooks further away from my eyes just to see what I was reading. The kids even noticed that I was struggling because I would pause many times or say the wrong thing. They knew the stories so well; even word for word that if I got just one line wrong, they’d tell me: “Mom, that’s not what the story says. Read it again!”. It was really frustrating.

I knew something was different and after checking online, I found out what it was. I had presbyopia and my eyes were simply fading with age. Boy, did I feel old at this moment. It was a little scary at first and really saddening because I knew that without cheap reading glasses, I couldn’t read my children their bedtime stories. So I took the decision to go see my eye doctor straight away.

In truth, it was probably the best decision I’ve made in recent years. My optometrist is really thorough and what I like about him is he explains everything. He told me that presbyopia is not life threatening and it’s simply an age related condition. Just like our muscles, our skin, our joints or our bones; things just don’t work as great when we get older.

What was disappointing to learn was that there’s no surgical procedure to fix my eyes so the only solution was to do an eye examination and determine which strength of reading glasses I needed so that I could go back to reading bedtime stories to my kids with no hiccups or blurred vision. I was a little scared but at the same time, kind of excited in truth. I got to buy myself a new fashion accessory. I don’t get to treat myself very often but here, I had the perfect excuse!

So with my exam all done, my delightful optometrist told me that I needed +2.50 powered reading glasses. He said they has a small range of reading glasses that he I could try on but being the really nice, honest guy he is; said the best thing for me to do was to go to the mall or to the pharmacy as they would have lots of frames and styles to choose from. So faster than a flash, I jumped in my car and headed for the stores.

He was right. There were so many frames to choose from but what I didn’t like about the stores was these frames were quite badly marked and damaged where so many people had tried them on. There was a decent range of frames but not enough for me to find one pair in my strength that I felt were the perfect style for me. And if I did find one pair that might be worth considering, they were always marked, scratched or the wrong strength. It was frustrating.

I asked the lady at the counter if they had more and she effectively said that what was on display was all they had. But then it hit me. The internet – my saviour!

I realised that all this time, no one buys reading glasses at the store. People simply come here to check their eyes, see what frames work for them and then go home and shop online. And that’s when I decided to do exactly the same. I tried a few more pairs on, regardless of the lens power to see what I liked. I found so many styles that I thought could work so when no one was looking, I got my phone out, took a few cheeky selfies and ran out of that store so fast as I was so embarrassed.

But deep down, I didn’t care. It was mission accomplished. As soon as I got home, I flipped open the laptop and feasted my eyes on dozens of beautiful reading glasses all available to buy online at various stores. It was amazing just how many online shops there were selling reading glasses. In fact, what was most surprising of all was the sheer ranges available and best of all – the prices!

Compared to the prices at the pharmacy, they were practically giving these things away. There was no way I was paying over the odds for scratched and damaged reading glasses when I could get two or three brand new pairs mailed to me next day, all for the same cost. So for a single Mom watching the pennies, this was heaven to my eyes.

I ordered my readers and the next day, they arrived and I was ready to face the world with my new look. But most important of all, I couldn’t wait for the kids to come home from school; so that I could read them bedtime stories once again with clear vision and enjoy our wonderful nights together.

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