Exhibition stand ideas for beginners

If you are new to exhibition booth marketing or are a seasoned veteran of these shows you may have some questions on what the best ideas are when it comes to exhibition design and build strategies to maximise your marketing efforts. This article will share with you 5 different ideas to use when you are creating your booth. Follow the suggestions below to maximise your branding and marketing impact at the next convention your organisation attends.

Panasonic Trade Show in Las Vegas

Panasonic Trade Show in Las Vegas. Image credit: GDS.it


This is a new trend that works very well. Including such things as games and contests at your exhibition stand can help stimulate attendees and get them interested in your brand. By using gamification you can encourage people to visit your booth, which will naturally lead to conversation, gaining contact information, engaging attendees and creating a memorable experience. You could even generate direct business contacts and sales using this method so try it.


This is a great strategy that has worked for a very long time and will continue to do so. You can offer competitions in the form of people giving you their contact information in exchange for a prize or reward like a dinner for two at a restaurant. When people are encouraged to join a contest you can speak with them, they will have more engagement with your stand and will remember you and your brand that much more.

Photo Booths

Using this strategy brings a more fun and dynamic atmosphere to your booth. Choosing the best exhibition design and build is integral and adding a photo booth can be a great viral marketing technique. You can invite people to have their photo taken and ask them to add a caption that relates to your brand. You can go further and ask attendees for permission to tag their photos on social media giving you further exposure online.

Q&A Sessions

By choosing to host a question and answer session at your booth or even using an infomercial can maximise your time at the show. You can do an information session two to three times a day. It is a good idea to make them informative, educational, fun and memorable while referencing your brand and products. Have people give you their business cards or contact information after the show or even offer them discount coupons on products or services.

Utilise a workplace or relaxation station

Trade shows are incredibly busy and have a tendency to drain the energy of attendees. You can incorporate a relaxation area at your booth or even a work area where people can plug in their smartphones, computers and other devices to get things done. By offering a workstation or place to relax people will naturally go to your booth which can lead to conversation and engagement with leads and customers.

Maximise your results at the next trade show

When you follow these strategies as mentioned above you will have better success. These are proven methods that are employed by many organisations and you can benefit from them too when used.

Filing Your UK Tax Return the Right Way

Get to grips with HMRC’s self-assessment scheme

We aim to enlighten you on how to properly file your tax return forms for the United Kingdom. Many people see this as an unwelcome and challenging task, however, we will give you suggestions and pieces of advice to get it done easily. It is required that you file your taxes by January 31 for the previous tax year according to law and if you miss this time period you could end up facing fines.

To avoid any unnecessary problems it is important to file as soon as you can. You will need different forms and paperwork associated with employment, any possible income associated with rental properties as well as any paperwork related to being self-employed and associated costs. You can choose to do your taxes on paper or you can use the Self Assessment tool available at the official HMRC website. Keep on reading as we show you the different details and information you need to file your taxes for last year properly without the risk of any fines or penalties.

A P60 will show all your earnings for the given tax year. Image credit: OSCP

If you decide to file your tax return using the paper method you will be responsible for asking for any extra sections you may need such as foreign paperwork, offshore paperwork, business paperwork and others. If you worked offshore at any stage, especially aboard a vessel which sailed outside of British waters, you are advised to consult specialist seafarers tax accountants.

The usual basic paper tax return includes 8 pages however the HMRC may include additional pages you will need to complete that are based on certain types of income or financial gains and other things that relate to you as an individual and how the tax laws apply to you. If you are self-employed then you would need to ask for extra pages for information that relates to your business income and expenses. If you generate your income through offshore work there will also be specific forms you will have to ask for. You may however, qualify for seafarers earnings deduction.

If you choose to file your tax return on paper it will be up to you to ask for specific sections that may be applicable to you. If you would like to file on paper you can visit the official HMRC website to download paper tax forms and other documents you may require.

If you have filed your previous tax return through paper then the HMRC will postal mail your paper tax return. However, if you have chosen to use the online method then the HMRC will send you an email telling you to log in to your self-assessment online account to file your taxes. If you do not receive an email or any paperwork it is best to go directly to the HMRC website to download the paperwork or you can call the helpline phone number which is: 0300-200-3310. The staff on the support helpline are directed to help you and will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have in terms of filing your taxes and any specific information you may need including getting additional forms or other specific needs.

Certain types of offshore workers may qualify for income tax reductions. Image credit: The Triton

You can also choose to use the HMRC website to file your return online. You will need to signup for the Self Assessment tool at their website. You will first need a Government Gateway account to access the website. You can easily signup for a Government Gateway account. You just have to contact the HMRC and they will send you a Unique Taxpayer Reference by postal mail and it will also include an online service activation code to register for the HMRC Self Assessment tool to file your taxes online. You will have only 28 days to register yourself on the HMRC Self Assessment Tool website before the codes that you are sent through the postal mail will expire and become invalid. If you miss the 28 days to register then you will be required to ask for another Government Gateway account and online service activation code to be mailed to you.

To file online you will need your PAYE information and all financial records that include money that you have earned and costs you have accrued throughout the year. The online tool is rather easy to use and is not very complicated. You just have to fill out the forms and answer questions and enter your financial information and the website does the rest of the work for you. You have to be sure that you include all details and keep a hold of all your financial records just in case if the HMRC needs to look at your tax return closer. Be sure to file on time to avoid penalties as well.


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Understanding the Aspects of an Arboricultural Consultancy & Its Purpose

When Saving a Tree is More Important Than a Development

Trees are a crucial part of our environment. They are known for the oxygen they provide – but also the protection against diverse weather and climate conditions. Arboriculture is a word related to the cultivation of trees and shrubs. In other words, this is a study of individual trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants and measures how these plants grow and respond to cultural practices and their environment in the very end.

Arboriculture has been a growing industry and one of the many environment-related industries that includes consultancy. Speaking of, there are many arboricultural consultants primarily working towards protecting the trees and ensuring a better future for us.

Image credit: Askham Bryan College

Tree Surveys & Reports

Nowadays, every manager of land which includes trees has a duty of care to ensure that these trees remain in a safe condition and discharge that duty inspections should be carried out at the appropriate intervals. Such surveys may range, but the information that is recorded can be used to create a database and monitor the tree safety, providing an invaluable management tool.

Trees & The Environment

When it comes to trees and the care for them as a part of our environment, the protection of trees under threat comes at first place. The tree-related environmental impact studies are also a growing trend – but the bottom line is that protection of trees on or near development sites should always be a practice. Apart from the intrinsic beauty of trees and the great contribution they make to the landscape, they can significantly benefit our physical environment. Therefore, veteran trees should be not listed out of the environment and their presence should be continued in the landscape.

Trees & Their Development

The development of trees is another aspect behind the study of arboriculture. There are pre and post-site layout tree surveys which are a standard in the UK nowadays. Through those surveys, the management and protection of trees on development sites is advised – and their involvement in cases of subsidence and heave or other structural problems is investigated.

Trees & The Law

Finally, there are tree preservation orders and trees found within conservation areas. Assistance can be provided whenever any tree related matters become the subject of such formal procedures or litigation. Cases like these may range from advising on technical details through to representing clients or providing a full expert witness service to the Courts that deal with the matter.

From all the arboricultural aspects mentioned above, we can conclude that advice and direction are more than needed in order to satisfy all the arboricultural management and planning objectives. After all, this is the entire point of arboricultural consultancy. Some of the aspects (disciplines) in this practice include tree surveys, management plans, mortgage reports, tree risk management etc. The bottom line is that every advice, report and management plan can be tailored to meet the particular requirements.

What to Expect When Hiring an Office Fit Out Firm

Bring practical design into your commercial space

When it comes to interior décor, many people wrongly think that it is something that should only be done in houses. However interior design goes beyond residences, as there are also business establishments and offices that need to be properly decorated and nicely laid out. This is where an office fit out firm comes into play with office interior design.

As reputable interior design company will specialise mainly in office décor and fittings. Most established firms will have a team of designers who are highly qualified in this field and have plenty of expertise from various types of corporate clients who availed of these office interior services. The first step is to carry out a thorough consultation with the client where the designer will be better able to assess particular interior design tastes, as well as any specific needs and preferences. The budget is another factor you should naturally discuss to avoid disappointment!

Plan, design & implement!

Once this consultation is finalized, the interior design team will then start planning the overall office design. The key is to make the best use of the space available, so as to improve efficiency and effectiveness in this place of work. The office interiors team will place this factor at the forefront of each and every decision because ultimately the interior décor does not only have to be aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Based on this, the designers will then proceed to other factors which will have to be taken into account such as the design of the furniture that will be placed in the office, the color of the walls, the flooring, and of course, the layout.

Let the project manager take the strain

Office interior service providers offer customized interior design packages for all kinds of offices, and so regardless of the size of your premises, they should be able to see to it in a personalized manner. They should have service level agreements with many companies that offer products and services required for office interiors at discounted rates. So will see that your office is properly equipped with ergonomic furniture, accessories, window treatments, flooring and anything else you may have wished for. A certified team of contractors should take care of all the installations as well as ensure that everything is carried out to industry standards from start to finish.

The team will take care of all the scheduling, contracts and logistical coordination so that finally the project will be completed in a way that satisfies your original requests and the estimated completion date.

So if your commercial space is looking tired or lacks inspiration, let an office fit out team tun your office into a professional looking and functional one. They’ll see to every aspect of your office interior so as to strike just the right balance between inviting surroundings and a practical setting that encourages your employees to feel at home even though they are away from home. With such a feeling, your staff will be performing more efficiently and this will result in higher turnover for your business.

Which Kent SEO firm is right of you?

Deciding which search marketer is the best fit for your business

Every type of business that is online needs a relative level of search engine exposure. Whether small or large, each organisation will have differing aspirations in terms of the scale, type and reach they require to maintain a level of success.

A small local business for example has no need to be found on global searches when all that’s required is a solid level of local search prominence through authority citations and high quality directories. Large companies on the other hand, need a far wider footprint and thus, demand a strategy that encompasses a wide range of marketing channels to ensure brand awareness and product offering is at the forefront of searches around the globe. Possibly in multiple languages too.

Unsurprisingly, budgetary requirements between these two sizes of business will be hugely polarised so the type of SEO agency they can approach for help will also differ accordingly. A smaller, local business in the county of Kent for example, would be extremely unwise to get delusions of grandeur and approach a large international advertising agency; not unless they have desires to empty the coffers fast and go broke!

It’s horses for courses as the expression says so if you have a local need, then speak to a localised specialist. Kent is packed full of search marketing agencies yet their approach and statuses differ quite dramatically from town to town. Some agencies boast of large corporate clientele that is great for their egos, but if you run a small humble business, you do not need to be paying the higher rates that the big boys are used to. You can get just as good results with a Kent SEO Firm that specialises in local and national search for small enterprises and offers an affordable solution to a very common problem. Getting found on Google’s local searches!

Believe it or not, but specialist search engine optimisation firms for small business is becoming ever popular. It’s a common misconception in the internet industry that the big pay days can only be found if you acquire larger clients. But is that really true?

The lifeblood of the UK economy is in small business, not big business and the stats back that up. An agency that focuses on just a handful of larger international blue chips is taking a much greater risk in the sense that the majority of their turnoff is sourced from just a few income streams. Nothing worse than having all your eggs in one basket!

A SEO agency that has a wide ranging clientele of SME’s and local businesses will have multiple income streams and also have a far greater level of experience in working with differing type of businesses all across multiple industry sectors. With that in mind, they would appear to be a far more stable business that is less likely to be there one day and disappear the next because they’re looking after so many clients, they’re a far safer bet financially.

So if you run a small business in Kent, it’s not bad to think small in terms of your marketing partner. Sometimes self-importance can influence us as business people to make strange decisions that are not based on pragmatic, practical thinking but is in fact, just puerile ego massaging to satisfy our unrealistic ambitions, rather than thinking which firm will deliver the best results for me at this exact moment in time. Don’t get sucked into that way of thinking.

If you run a business that needs local exposure, it’s perfectly acceptable to think locally in finding an internet marketing partner. Big is not always necessarily better so head out to some meetings, get to know some search marketers in your town or city and start supporting local business. It’s win-win all round.

Office Cleaners London: Everything You Need To Know

How choosing a London Property Maintenance Professional Matters

Whether you lease or own your property, when you burn through thirty percent or a greater amount of your income on a place to live, you need it to be hassle and trouble free! By paying attention to basic home maintenance matters just twice per year, you’ll have the capacity to avert troublesome issues for yourself (and your tenants, on the off chance that you have one.)

Advantages of Property Maintenance

Considering a professional Office Cleaners London company always results with a set of benefits for you, your home or work environment and family:

  • Maintains and clean & healthy environment
  • Keeps your family more secure
  • Tackles issues when they are smaller and less expensive to deal with
  • Stays away from preventable issues by and large
  • Enhances your home or office’s appearance
  • Keeps up your home or office’s market value
  • Keeps your way of life from being disturbed by surprising framework disappointments

As an inhabitant, you can keep your landowner educated about the property’s condition. In return, you’ll not just win their positive attitude, you can keep away from badly arranged issues. No one needs a higher electric bill on the grounds that your windows, cavity walls or ceilings are inadequately insulated, or to sit tight for several days waiting for a maintenance team to show up in light of the fact that the air conditioning and cooling system has stopped working.

Whether you hire a company to simply clean your premises once a week or to oversee a complete day-to-day maintenance routine, ensure you do all necessary due diligence to check their credentials, past client feedback, online ratings, cost comparisons and insurance policies are all in place.

Also ensure they have all the necessary credentials and are a BICSc certified cleaning business. It is also advantageous if they are members of the British Cleaning Council as well as CLENSA Approved.