5 Must Have’s for the Perfect Garden Office Building

September 20, 2017

Create Your Ideal Timber Office Space

When it comes to work, there is a lot of things that need to be accomplished throughout the day.

The very first task of almost every worker is the daily commute to and from the office.

You wait for transit on freezing cold platforms or maybe you drive your own car only going inch by inch slowly overwhelmed by traffic.

You may have realised that you could probably get more work done from home.

You can avoid the daily commute and rat-race entirely by setting up an office at home.

Within this specialised article, we will share with you the benefits of creating your very own garden office space at home.

It is both a sensible and very realistic option that will take you away from the daily grind of distractions and hassle.

By building a garden office you will only be limited by your creativity, size of land available and the environment.

You may have a shaded area, a sunny area or semi-shaded depending on your home.

You will have to make the most out of the natural environment to make it as comfortable as possible for work.

Below we will list certain things you need to use if you are planning to build your very own garden office.

Solar panels provide a cost-effective source of free energy. Image credit: Off Grid Quest

The very first thing that you will require is a source of electricity.

You can always run a cable from your homes main power supply and have it reach your office.

You can install circuits to run the lighting and sockets but in general, we recommend you hire a qualified electrician.

You may run into the issue of splitting the power between your home and garden office.

We recommend you get a second power supply that connects directly to your home garden.

Another option you will have is to use solar panels or wind power.

At first, they will be costly but after a few years, you will see the savings in not having to pay for your office’s power bill.

You can also charge the price of the solar panels as a business expense for tax deductions.

The very next thing your garden office will need is a reliable internet connection.

There are a few options available to fix this situation.

The very first option is to use a WiFi connection from your home.

However, the signal will have to be able to transmit through the house, through the walls of the house and as many meters necessary to reach your modem.

If you use this route you may not always have a reliable signal and it can be dropped easily due to the distance the signal needs to travel.

There is another option we suggest which is to run a network cable from your home internet router to your garden office.

We suggest you install this at the same time as when you install the electric connection.

You need a strong internet signal to conduct business.

Your last option would be to use an internet power plug which picks up the wifi signal and boosts it.

You will also need to develop a method for providing heat and lighting in your garden office building.

Your office should be built properly and be insulated professionally to keep the hot outside in the summer and the cold outside in the winter.

A good choice for heating includes floor heating.

It takes up barely any space and can be put on a timer to adequately heat your office as needed.

Other options include electric panel heaters as well as oil-filled radiators.

Unless you have had a water supply plumbed in and fed via booster pumps, standard radiators are a non-starter.

When it comes to lighting you will want to maximise the usage of natural light.

Using natural light promotes energy and lowers the chances of fatigue.

A big factor when owning a garden office is keeping it secure.

Your office should utilise door and window locks and be covered by insurance.

You should also have locks on your filing cabinets and password protect your computer.

If you use a wireless internet signal be sure to use a well-encrypted password and also think about installing an alarm system in your office for added protection from break-ins.

A garden office is not complete without the needed hardware.

You will need a desk that is big enough to hold a computer, paperwork, keyboard and a phone.

Try to find a desk that utilises a lot of shelving so you can maximise space and efficiency.

Lastly be sure to purchase a comfortable chair.

You will be spending a majority of your time sitting in front of your desk which is why you need something that is incredibly comfortable that you will enjoy using for hours upon hours.

Also, other accessories you will need are such things as a lamp, paper shredder, filing cabinets, artwork, plants, a coffee maker and reception area.

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